One of The World's Toughest Jobs: Building a Good Marriage

The Gottman Approach and building a good marriage

Creating a happy, successful marriage is one of the hardest relational tasks a person can do.  The other hardest relational task is to be a parent.  Most men and women grow up gaining their ideas for how to have a good marriage from watching their parents navigate marriage.  Other sources of marital principles come from clergy comments, observing what you believe are good marriages, and the messages you receive from the culture at large (movies, blog posts, youtube posts, books, TV programs, etc.). 

Then, if you get married, you begin to either consciously or unconsciously apply the lessons and principles you've gathered up to that point in your life.  Seldom do people naturally acquire and gain really good, proven principles that end up building a healthy, happy marriage.  A good number of marriages end in divorce, or couples end up feeling miserable about themselves and the relationship.  A lot of married women and men silently wonder how to make their marriage better, yet they have no idea where to find new, better principles.

One of the best modern sources of reliable, healthy principles that are proven to create healthy, happy, and successful marriages is Dr. John Gottman.  Dr. Gottman is the co-founder and co-director of the Seattle Marital and Family Institute (you can lean more at  He and his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman, have studied over 3,000 couples in the last 4 decades to develop scientific principles that, if used, create healthy marital relationships.

If you are looking for, yes, even longing for, a better marriage, then I can help you and your spouse explore these principles.  Working together, I'll help you apply these principles to your marriage, help you and your spouse address difficult problems that seem to only get worse.  Call or e-mail me today to schedule your first appointment, and you will be on your way to a better marriage and a happier life.